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A second book in the series 'Rules of Life' by Dave Thomas. In this book there are 130 Rules with anecdotes from the author.

It's a self help book to make you laugh, smile and imagine if the world was any crazier, this book would make sense.

It's a tongue-in-cheek approach to all the books that are designed to motivate you, help you develop as a person and learn new skills. The rules in this book are satirical, comical and hilarious. The eclectic rules range from learning how to get a free meal in a fancy restaurant to developing the skills to say 'NO' to people.

The 130 Rules of Life is the ideal gift for those people in your life that love self improvement books or for those that love to laugh at the ridiculous, the absurd and the surreal.

130 Rules of Life follows on from the book 60 Rules of Life (part one) by Dave Thomas. Together you get 190 individual rules with stories from the world of reality and fantasy combined.

The '60 Rules of Life (part one) is now available exclusively through Amazon. 

The book is available as a Paperback and an Ebook for your Kindle.

To get your copy today please click the link below that takes you to the Author's Page where you can learn a little more about the book and order a copy.


The 60 Rules of Life (Part 1) is a humorous self-help tongue in cheek book written for all those that enjoy laughing at laziness and strive to be lazy but don't know how.