Short Film, Drama (screenplay)


A mystical woman appears with a very important message for a Train Station-Master - a message he refuses to accept.


Short Documentary Film

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There are 1 Billion people with a disability in the world. Yet with so many people with disabilities, one would imagine they are accepted as part of society, have equal opportunities to education and work - however, in this short documentary film, we learn that people with disabilities are often considered less than second class citizens.


Feature Thriller (Screenplay)

Hostages fight for their lives taking the gun from a drug crazed Robber that barges into a small store - becoming his Judge and Jury. Their backstories reveal who they really are and why some want to kill the gun man.

Short Film, Comedy (screenplay)

Dublin, Ireland, May, 1944. Three 9 year old boys (Matthew, Mark, Luke) have fun speeding down hilly inner-city streets on their homemade rickety wooden go-kart.

One day their jalopy gathers immense speed and its driver, Matthew, loses control as he rockets towards Fr. Francis carrying a stack of Bibles.


They collide.


Fr. Francis makes them attend Confession, something he may live to regret.

Short Film, Horror (Screenplay)

Five men play a secret and illegal game of Poker. One mysterious stranger offers a deal the gamblers can't refuse. The deal is done - but the end game is unexpected.

Finalist - London City Film Awards 2018

Television Series Drama/Comedy (screenplay)

A television series about three 15 year olds living on the cusp of adulthood with one foot still in childhood. They long for sex, love and adult life without realising that often there are consequences for impulsive actions. 

A series with very adult themes, funny and often surreal.

Feature Horror (screenplay)


A man has recurring horrific nightmares of a dying little girl begging for help at the side of a road. He seeks professional help when the child appears while he is awake. Are his visions real or is he losing his mind?

Aretha Poster 2020.jpg

Short Film, Drama (Screenplay & Film)


Eighteen year old Aretha wants to work at a Café that are in desperate need of staff. However, her first obstacle is to convince the Manager that she has abilities that he just can't see.

Written & Directed by Dave Thomas

Funded by FilmOffaly Bursary Award 2018

* On Film Festival circuit 

Feature Screenplay

Two young boys believe they killed a Cop in 1985 Dublin, Ireland. Their only solution is to go on the run to America as fugitives.


Packed with a bag of potato chips (crisps) and a can of spaghetti (plus fresh underwear) their adventure is filled with mischief, innocence and fun.

Feature Screenplay

10 July 2018:  The Wicklow Local Enterprise Office have awarded a grant towards the cost of a new state of the art Apple iMac computer. This is badly needed, and many thanks to the Wicklow LEO for their approval of this essential piece of equipment.

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